For those familiar with the cumbersome telephone system in Mexico, there’s good news. In August, the country’s Federal Communications Institute (FCI) implemented substantial changes to the dialling process by incorporating a uniformed 10-digit format similar to what is standard in the US and Canada. No longer are special prefixes required between landlines and cellular phones or calling a cellular phone from outside the country. It all works seamlessly together. Finally. See the chart below detailing the changes. To accommodate these changes, in Puerto Vallarta and elsewhere in Mexico, you now have to dial a full 10 digit phone number that includes both the 3-digit area code (known here as ladas) and the 7 digits of your actual telephone number. Some exceptions to the 10-digit rule include 3-digit services such as 911 for emergencies, 071 for the CFE (electric company) hotline, 040 for information, among others. Mexico also provides 800 number services and they too are dialled by their full 10 digit number but no longer require an additional prefix. You’ll likely see advertisements, websites, business cards, etc. displaying the old dialling system for some time to come. The FCI has been working on this changeover for a couple of years and they’re giving the public a full year to learn the new system after which the old system will not work. Hopefully websites and business cards will reflect these changes sooner than later to dispel confusion.

Telmex Chart