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MLS Vallarta is another independent listing service with its own database of properties. This is PV's original MLS board started about 25 years ago by John Youden of Vallarta Lifestyles fame and remains popular to both the public and the real estate community.

The local real estate organization AMPI has since established its own database, called Flex, that this site accesses through its IDX Broker program. Most properties listed on one are found on the other; however, both databases have listings the other doesn't so it's worth crosschecking the two.

As a member of both boards, Choice Realty Services is able to display listings from both MLS databases and offer agency assistance concerning any property found on either database.

There are variations between the two.

While Flex displays area in square feet, MLS Vallarta displays square meters, the standard measure in Mexico. 100 square meters is a little greater than a thousand square feet. 1,076.39 sq. ft. to be precise. To convert from square meters to square feet in round terms, simply move the decimal once by adding a zero, round up to the next hundredth digit and you're in the ballpark.

Geographical location references are mostly the same as presented elsewhere on this website; however, there are differences, as you'll discover. Turns out, there are numerous ways to describe the layout of this town and region.

As its growth has more than doubled the past 25 years, with it has come great change so describing a property's location has its differences from how the Flex system organizes listings to how MLS Vallarta does and, in some instances, how I've organized listings differently from both.

As the region grows no doubt the description of its communities and subregions will change with it and differences in their description will continue to abound.

Currently, any searches or homes you find of interest on the MLS Vallarta database cannot be saved as can be done with the Flex database. What you can do, though, is send me a message using the provided form found at the bottom of any property page.