Back to Work!

Back to Work!

Here it is, the first working day of September after a long weekend. Actually, Labor Day in Mexico was not yesterday for here its celebrated on the 1st of May. One of the advantages living here is many of the holidays celebrated back home in Canada or the US are often celebrated here. Along with all the Mexican holidays, it can add up to a lot of celebrating.

A great example of enjoying each others holidays is Thanksgiving. If you’re Canadian you celebrate in October while Americans celebrate in November. Mexico doesn’t have a Thanksgiving but the lucky expats of Puerto Vallarta along with many of their Mexican friends enjoy Thanksgiving not once but twice each fall. It’s all about the turkey!

There’s something psychological about the day after Labor Day. Traditionally for me it’s the first day of school although students in Mexico typically return to school the middle of August and these days American and Canadian kids seemingly return at different times as well.

But what I like psychologically of this day is the kick in the butt it serves. Be it a return to classes or commencing college or university studies. It’s a valuable time to take to heart, focus on goals and strive to achieve.

In my case, this year it’s my adapting better to the online world in ways I’ve procrastinated too long. This blog is an important example. I enjoy writing but it’s so easy to procrastinate. This blog is meant to primarily talk real estate in the Puerto Vallarta region of Mexico yet I’ve needed this interim post as my kick in the butt for which this day serves. And may many posts follow!

I have a single post previously published in May and I have a variety of posts in varying stages of completion; however, since that post in May I haven’t found a rhythm or spark in which to write and post. But that’s changing! Today!

In these posts, I hope to express the overall joy one experiences living in Puerto Vallarta. It’s by no means a perfect place and it certainly has its share of idiosyncrasies. It’s definitely not for everyone.

But it’s a caring and safe community with relatively little crime. The pace is relaxed and the weather is fine. While it’s becoming more a city it still maintains that small town feel and charm. The locals are friendly and proud and they welcome the diversity of the expat community and appreciate what the expat community gives them in return.

Puerto Vallarta is primarily a tourist destination that welcomes millions of visitors each year. Many return on multiple visits and some choose to live here. There are thousands of expats currently living in the Puerto Vallarta region, many of whom rent while others have chosen to purchase local real estate. For the last few years our local real estate board has averaged about a thousand sales a year as the march towards a more tranquil lifestyle continues. Are you next?

If you’re interested in joining those ranks by becoming a property owner in Mexico then this blog is for you. I’m a realtor with 26 years experience living and working in Vallarta and I intend my blogs to provide useful local information along with legal considerations, home construction suggestions, area descriptions, etc.

I’m an honest realtor but I’m not a lawyer, an accountant, a loans officer, an escrow agent, nor am I an interior designer, an architect or a builder although I may write future posts in regard to any of those topics and others. I’ll lift this portion and highlight it for future posts but whatever I write about is certainly open to correction but while my knowledge and research will hopefully prove me correct in the moment, new information often comes along causing previous opinions or interpretations to evolve or change altogether.

In matters of true importance, it’s still best to get opinions from specific professionals working in the field of expertise that matters to you and of whom I can provide recommendations.

See my next post soon!

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