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Mexico’s New and Improved Telephone System

[ffb_param route=”o gen text”]For those familiar with the cumbersome telephone system in Mexico, there’s good news. In August, the country’s Federal Communications Institute (FCI) implemented substantial changes to the dialling process by incorporating a uniformed 10-digit format similar to what is standard in the US and Canada.

No longer are special prefixes required between landlines and cellular phones or calling a cellular phone from outside the country. It all works seamlessly together. Finally.

See the chart below detailing the changes.

 - 09/26/2019

Back to Work!

Here it is, the first working day of September after a long weekend. Actually, Labor Day in Mexico was not yesterday for here its celebrated on the 1st of May. One of the advantages living here is many of the holidays celebrated back home in Canada or the US are often celebrated here. Along with all the Mexican holidays, it can add up to a lot of celebrating.

A great example of enjoying each others holidays is Thanksgiving. If you’re Canadian you celebrate in October while Americans celebrate in November. Mexico doesn’t have a Thanksgiving but the lucky expats of Puerto Vallarta along with many of their Mexican friends enjoy Thanksgiving not once but twice each fall. It’s all about the turkey!

 - 09/03/2019

Welcome to Jamie’s Real Estate Blog

My name is Jamie Coates and I sell real estate in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This is my new real estate blog. Welcome!

To tell a little about me, I moved to Puerto Vallarta 26 years ago from Kelowna, Canada. I had started my real estate career there after obtaining my British Columbia real estate license in Vancouver.

 - 05/27/2019
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How This Website Works

Here’s the process. When a real estate agent works with a seller and receives a signed agreement to list their home on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), the agent obtains the property’s details and arranges a photo shoot. Once the data and photos are inputted into the MLS system, the property is then syndicated to all MLS member websites offering a homes database like this one.

Our MLS rules dictate all listed properties be first vetted to ensure all pertinent documentation is in order and correct. In other words, all properties you see listed here have their paperwork in order and are legally ready to change hands.

Properties listed are active listings; however, there’s always a chance a property listed has received an offer. The best way to know is contact me right away when you see a home you like. I can check with the listing agent to verify the current status of the property.

My name is Jamie Coates, Owner and Broker of Choice Realty Services, a Buyer’s Agency, and you can call or text me direct at +52-322-146-4664.


Market Insight

Current buyers - June 2019

Our local MLS board produces a variety of property data information along with a limited demographic insight of common buyer characteristics. For example, so far this year condos are the most common property purchase in the Puerto Vallarta/Rivera Nayarit area where current data shows condos have outsold houses 3 to 1. That two thirds of current buyers purchased for a combination of investment and/or vacation usage for which condos make great choices. Not only are they generally more affordable but their ease of use facilitates those who are not here year round as they can be easily locked up and the HOA maintains the premises. A third of all purchasers paid less than $200,000 and a quarter of all buyers own multiple Mexican properties. While most people purchase with cash, that is, no financing, over 20% of buyers this year used some type of financing. See more Market Insights at the Buyers Guide above.

Those buyers who purchased Condos 75%

Purchased for Investment/Vacation Reasons 66%

Those who purchased Properties under $200,000 32%

Multiple Mexican Property Owners 27%

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